DEEP Implant

We offer practitioners certified, quality implant solutions that meet their needs and those of their patients on a daily basis.
DEEP Company offers two product lines :

Premium. Simple.

Premium or compatible, make your choice…


DESIGN is the result of a clever balance of proven technological solutions and innovations

This implant condenses the best of modern implantology and a series of innovations: a surface (Greep) structured down to the nano scale, an innovative packaging ensuring 100% sterile handling in the operating room…

LIKE Implants

LIKE implants and prostheses are compatible with the most important references on the market

By choosing LIKE, you can be sure of a reliable and efficient product while making dental care accessible to the greatest number of people.

DESIGN Implants


Proven structure

DESIGN® has a cylindrical-conical design and a self-tapping profile developed from an implant structure that has been clinically proven for over 30 years. Its connection system offers the best compromise between watertightness and long-term mechanical strength, significantly reducing prosthetic micromovements.



The GREEP® surface is structured in 3 levels of roughness: Macro, Micro and Nano. At the macro and micro levels, GREEP® increases the bone/implant contact surface, commonly called BIC (Bone to Implant Contact). This results in a better functional connection between the bone and the implant. At the nano level, GREEP® makes the implant surface completely hydrophilic and promotes the healing process.


So Klean

This ergonomic packaging was designed to facilitate the use and handling of the implant in the operating room and ensures 100% sterile handling.

LIKE Implants


Dental specialists

The LIKE Implants range has been designed and manufactured by dental implant specialists with over 10 years of expertise. The objective is to put our skills and expertise at the service of dental surgeons and prosthesis laboratories.


A compatible range

Composed of a wide range of dental implants and quality prosthetic parts (analogue, burn-out sleeve, temporary abutment, healing screw…), the range is compatible and equivalent with the parts of the major brands on the market.


Proven implants

Manufactured from high quality raw materials (titanium) and according to even higher requirements than those imposed by the standards, our products are resistant, reliable and safe.